Guardian Escorts accompany each of our Veterans for a day of honor in Washington D.C. Guardians are volunteers who pre-pay their own expenses (currently $400).   Payment is not due until the Guardian is scheduled for a specific flight.  Guardians must be between the ages of 18 and 70 and must have the ability to push a wheelchair with a Veteran for a total of several miles, including up and down slight inclines during the course of the day.   Guardians must be in good health and not require the use of mobility assistance devices for routine walking.  Without exception Guardians Escorts are required to attend Space Coast Honor Flight Guardian training. Guardians may be family members or friends, but may not be spouses of our traveling Veterans. 

To volunteer to become a Guardian Escort, please print and complete the form below and mail it to the address indicated on the bottom of the form.  Pre-payment of $400 to cover your expenses will be required prior to/at the mandatory pre-trip orientation.  Signed applications are logged according to the receipt date which establishes your registration priority.  Our Guardian coordinator will schedule you for a specific trip and the mandatory training two weeks prior to the travel date.

   On each trip we transport 25 Veterans, 25 Guardian Escorts, and 25 wheelchairs.  Meals are provided for the entire day.

   Each trip consists of a: 

       1. Mandatory Pre-Trip Orientation two weeks prior to the flight

       2. Trip to Washington D.C.

       3. Celebratory Reunion 4-6 weeks after the trip

    We have found that everyone who makes this trip finds it extremely worthwhile and rewarding. The journey can be emotional and our Veterans find that they are able to relate some of their war experiences during the visit and talk freely among their peers and Guardians.

    For additional information or assistance please email us at or leave a message at  

1-888-750-2522. Our Guardian coordinator will contact you.